• 2 bay fast charger for BB-2590,BB-390,BB-590 battery pack
  • 2 bay fast charger for BB-2590,BB-390,BB-590 battery pack

2 bay fast charger for BB-2590,BB-390,BB-590 battery pack

No.Item No.: PTC-LA6-2590/390
Intelligent 2-bay fast charger for BB-2590,BB-390,BB-590 battery packs
  • 2 bay fast charger for BB-2590,BB-390,BB-590 battery pack

Power-Time 2 Bay Charger

This is a self-contained battery charger in a rugged environment-resistant case,  it provides a reliable and consistent recharge of one or two batteries simultaneously. It is an auto senses battery type which assure proper charge profile.

--- Unattended Charging
* Smart charge modules that detect open or shorted cells. If a defective cell is detected it will not start the charge cycle

* No programming or special instruction set  are needed to achieve safe and
Complete recharge of the battery                                                                                                                                                             
 --- Wide Range Input Voltage
* Allows operation from nearly any AC power source that  you will likely encounter worldwide

--- Conditioning Cycle
* Automatic recharge function included. The conditioning cycle can be activated individually per battery at the operator’s option

--- Recharge Each String of Cells
* To ensure a positive recharge of the battery each individual string of cells in the battery is recharged independently

Items Specification
Model no PTC-LA6-2590/390
AC Input 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
DC Output 12V-17V
Charge Rate (Ni-MH/Ni-Cd 1.5A),(Li-ion 2.0A)
Max charge time 8 hours
Battery Types BB-390/U,PTO-390(Ni-MH),BB-590/U,PTO-590(Ni-Cd),BB-2590,PTO-2590 (Li-ion)
LED indicators
Power on-going red light: Power on
CHGR1/CHGR2 on-going red light: charging
CHGR1/CHGR2 flash red light: nearly complete charging
CHGR1/CHGR2 on-going green light: finish charging
CHGR1/CHGR2 flash red light: in fault
Charge Efficiency 0℃~25℃>80%,25℃~40℃>92%
Dimensions L28.4*W16.3*H11.1cm
Weight 2.5Kg (5.1lbs) without batteries
Charging Temp 0 ℃to +40℃
Storage Temp -40℃ to +60℃
Humidity 30%~80% relative
Accessories AC and DC Cables

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