Power-Time Technology Appears with Innovative Two-Way Radio Accessories at the 2023 European PMRexpo
On November 28, 2023, Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd. showcased itself in Europe with a new presence at PMRexpo, one of the first major international exhibitions post-pandemic. With its professional R&D strength and innovative products in the two-way radio(commonly known as Walkie-Talkie) accessories field, Power-Time successfully drew the attention of many industry insiders and outsiders.
Battlefield Noise cancelling and the Role of Hearing Protection Headphones - DF-5
On the battlefield, the sounds of gunfire and explosions pose a threat to soldiers' hearing, and hearing protection headphones can help reduce hearing damage within a certain range. - DF-5
Holiday Notice
We will be on leave for the National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival from 29th Sep. to 6th Otc.
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