Dual communication tactical hearing protection headset

Item No.: DF-1 dual

Power-Time Tactical Headset

Defenser I combines binaural communication,hearing protection and superior situation awareness, suitable application include: hunting, shooting and war environment

Impulse-noise protection against sudden acoustic shocks up to  168 dB

Extremely rugged design,ideal for operator use  in harsh environments

Comfortable fit with most ballistic helmet

Neckband,headband and FAST mounting style are available for option


* The superiority of reducing full-spectrum noises
* Great speech intelligibility
* Comfortable fit
* Flexible boom microphone


a. Microphone:
     Noise-canceling flexible Boom Microphone.

b. Integrated microphone
    Integrated microphone mounted to each of the ear-cups  facing  outward  for situational awareness and impulse noise protection

c. on/off volume button:
 ON/OFF Volume: Provides operator full control to personalize the listening experience to suit individual needs

d. Flexible headband  
Personality design,can be hung on the belt
which allows fitting to different sizes