VOX DSP Speaker Microphone

Item No.: PTE-1313VOX
VOX DSP Speaker Microphone

Multi-function speaker microphone, it can be used separately, or used together with headset, it matches  all kinds of two way radio connectors


* 360 degree rotatable clip: easy to clip on the collar or shoulder of users
* Good to use even under explosive environment
* Talk freely under noisy environments up to 120 dB


a. All-in-one Speaker and microphone
    Inserted amplifier circuit to give a clear and loud sound.

b. Two PTT buttons: speaker cab used a big PTT

c. Four functions switch option when use with headset:
  1. Automatic voice activation(only human voice can be picked up)
  2. Automatic voice activation+noise filtering
  3. Hand-operated activation
  4. Hand-operated activation+noise filtering

d.  Heavy duty coil cable
    The cable is a heavy duty coil cable and a  co-injection molded connector  strain relief.