BA-3590/U Alkaline battery

Item No.: PTO-3590
Alkaline 15V/14AH&30V/7AH
Description Specification Related models

Power-Time Alkaline Battery

This is a High performance Non-rechargeable Alkaline Dry Battery BA-3590/U


No limitations on air transport

High reliability due to all welded construction 

Durable high impact plastic housing and connector enclosure

Unit contains safety vented cells

Model no PTO-3590
Operating Voltage 12V/24V
Normal Capacity 7.5Ah, 30V; 15Ah, 15V
Typical Capacity 7.5Ah per section
Dimension 112*62*127mm
Cell Type 60 X AA Alkaline Cells
Cell Chemistry Alkaline
Weight 1.7KG
Casing Material Enforced ABS
Operating Temp -20℃ to +55℃
Storage Temp -40℃ to +55
Replacement for BA-5590, BB-2590, BB-390, and BB-590
Connector Floating Type per U.S. Army DWG # SC-C-179492
APPLICATIONS PRC-104, PRC-119, PRC-138, PRC-117F, KY-57, Sincgars 
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